Friday, April 3, 2009

twitter in the news

This has certainly been a big day for twitter and the news.

For starters, the rumors of google's acquisition of twitter were all the buzz this morning. As PC magazine reported,
the noise this created online truly reflects the role that twitter is beginning to have in our daily lives. Moreover, it sets very high expectations for how important it might be. I personally have my reservations about how significant twitter will be long term, though today's news stories are working to erode my scepticsim.

The tragedy in Binghamton NY today has highlighted the speed and power of twitter. Though details were sketchy, news poured out giving details about the events. Tools like tweetscoop that I use through TweetDeck show how searches and posts about the events spiked as the events captivated people online. While the news sites scrambled to publish sketchy details, tweets filled us in on the tragedy second-by-second. If electronic news media is threatening the print news world, I wonder what twitter news might do to traditional news outlets.

Finally, the third big news event of the day involving twitter was the remarkable story of Demi Moore using her account to help prevent a young woman's suicide.

Alarmed by what seemed liked an earnest cry for help by a woman who had written to her, Moore alerted her follows to the situation who then contacted the proper authorities and perhaps saved the life of this young woman.<\b>

As twitter becomes more popular, I think it is safe to say that these kinds of events will become more common. The seemingly narcissistic roots of this micro-blogging tool might just make way for something much more interesting... and useful.

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