Thursday, April 2, 2009

put the fun back in social media!

With all of the excitement over the wonders of social media, what might be the most overlooked aspect of these outlets is the spontaneous peanut gallery that is out there. It might just seem like noise to the professionals out there, but these comedians are showing us something about how to view this online world.

We've seen the political influence that bloggers, friends, and followers can have. And we all know about the exploding interest in social media marketing opportunities (especially in fields that naturally lend themselves to this environment, like higher-ed).

While this is all fine and good, I find the irreverent corners of this brave new world so much more fun. For every institution that is trying to harness the power of all these new vehicles for their own gain, there are dozens who just want to anonymously express themselves, and frankly they are hilarious.

With the twitter feed full of links to the next ‘new social media marketing tool’, its fun to get a tweet from @darthvader telling me about the daily frustrations of being the sith lord of the darkside. The same is true about facebook, youtube, and the rest. Just check out the nearly three-quarters of a million people who are fans of ALF on facebook for evidence.

Why does this matter?

I think it shows that the no matter how many millions of dollars and man-hours are spent trying to keep up with the social media tsunami, the people who populate these places (and ultimately drive it forward) are far less serious about it. They are just in it for the fun.

That really is the point of all these tools anyway. You have to make it fun first. It you can pull that off well, then you already well on your way to making it work for your interests.

Here are some funny and fake twitter accounts to follow, if you're into that sort of thing:

(thanks to @karlfoxley @myTweetElite)

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